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Quality Policy

Sinomag, s.r.o. is a company with long-termed tradition and with dominant position on the market of hard ferrite magnets in the Czech Republic. Our strategy aim is to keep the dominant position on the inland market and to increase the delivery volumes to the foreign markets as well, regardless the strong international competition.

The aim of our quality policy is to manufacture and sell with profit products, which have guaranteed persistent and repeatable quality, to respect the requirements of the customer, towards the development, manufacture and sale of our products whole assortment and persistently improve the quality without the company material, finance or personal resources exceeding. Besides, we are interested in better foreknowledge, more effective managing and in following the development trends on the future market. The consistent verification of the sub-deliveries quality and co-operation with suppliers to persistent quality improvement of their servicing and goods, is the part of conception to improve the resulting quality.

It is desirable from the long-termed point of view that our customers satisfaction should correspond to our servicing improvement, to suit their requirements not for today but for the future as well and this way help them to be successful as well. It is in the focus of our effort to keep our customer in belief, that we are being permanently reliable and serious partner to him.

The establish conditions of mutual confidence and collaboration between all employees is in focus of our effort related with our own employees and we try to establish company, where employees may take their place for their self-realization and satisfaction.

We are ready to start the trend of continuous training and to increase the employees' knowledge as to quality. We believe that:
  • all employees understand the quality as stated in the introduced quality system, complying with ČSN ISO/TS 16 949:2002,
  • each of personnel knows their demands towards the work quality and that they are fully responsible for it
  • all employees acknowledge with one of another requirements, to reach in result the best quality and everyone performs his duty this way, that his successor is fully satisfied with quality performed.

As to quality expenses, we want to follow and effectively reduce the cost for nonconforming products and permanently decrease the nonconforming products occurrence by means of management modern methods, with stress to the prevention and with corrective and preventative measures adopted to eliminate the sources of nonconforming production.

From the certified quality assurance system complying with ČSN EN ISO/TS 16 949:2002 point of view, we are interested in making it more effective and adopt a new measures, to fulfill our most discriminating customers expectancy.

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