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Brief history of our company

Establishment of our company is linked with the date of 1st January 1958. That is when the detached plant of national company Pramet (powder metallurgy plant in Šumperk) has been established in Světlá Hora (Bruntál district). On 23rd December 1970, this plant is organized as a production plant, bearing the name "Pramet, powder metallurgy plants, national company Šumperk, plant Světlá Hora".

At that time, the whole Pramet company was managed by headquarters of VHJ Kovohutě Praha (Metalworks, Prague). The plant in Světlá Hora was not legally independent organization but it was - financially, business-wise, personell-wise and econimically managed from Šumperk; its planning was being made and agreed based on the overall company plans and the plant did not have independent complex contacts with bank.

On 1st July 1989, VHJ Kovohutě Praha (Metalworks Prague) was discontinued. Principal changes after the 1989 and the following privatization started an era of revolutionary changes in our company, too. In March 1996, company Kovohutě Břidličná, a.s. (Metalworks) a major part of share in Pramet Šumperk, and therefore became majority owner in Světlá Hora as well.

In 2000, an independent company called Sinomag s.r.o. was formed and as of 1st April 2001 company called Sinomag, s.r.o. begun to function under the ownership of the British company CEICO.

On 1st January 2006 company transformed to Stamag, a.s.

On 1st December 2006 production transformed to Sinomag, s.r.o.

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